Increase Website Sales With Internet Marketing

Located in Chicago. We have proven track record of happy local and national Internet search web design clients that have benefited from our Internet Marketing and SEO techniques. Because we adhere to 100% ethical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or White Hat SEO our practices have protected all of our web design clients from the ever changing search engines. We do not believe in quick results. They might initially “Thrill” a client, but they are much like a “Sugar High”, tricks for quick results on search engines never last. Any Internet Marketing / SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company that promises results or results that seem too good to be true or too cheap… walk away!

Either you will get a quick fix that will get your website ignored for a long time once the poor techniques are discovered and possibly banned depending on the severity of the Black Hat SEO / Scam SEO techniques used.

This is why we always monitor every clients website for 90 days after SEO – Website Optimization completion. Website Internet Optimization – Marketing is not a “Set it & Forget it” process. We stand behind our work because we know it might not be a quick “sugar high” fix, but it will slowly and steadily rise in the rankings and hold its position because we do it right.


Located in Chicago we specialize in onpage SEO and offpage SEO along with local and national Internet search marketing. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving the volume and quality of Internet traffic to a website from search engines via the natural (or organic) search results for targeted keywords. SEO can help every business because it turns your website into a 24 / 7 optimized selling tool.

Unfortuantely “SEO” and “Internet Marketing” have become catch phrases every web designer uses, irregardless of their level of involvement in search engine trends. The days of of a few keywords in Meta Tag’s, over optimized content, link spam, lame content and other questionable tactic’s are over. Today advanced techniques are needed for a company to reach number one.

Today advanced techniques are needed for a company to reach number one. We specialize in both local search optimization and national search optimization.

Can Your Customers Find Your Website on the Internet?

Today people research businesses and companies via the Internet. Most don’t search beyond the first page. If a person does go to the second page of results and still don’t find what they are looking for… they alter their search phrase. ELC works with your business to understand how it works. Our understanding of your business is how we can predict what a potential client might be looking for and prepare your website with the necessary information.

Local Internet Search or National Internet Search?

Many webdesign firms that say they “specialize” in SEO and Internet Marketing do not specialize in focusing your website on a targeted local Internet search market or national Internet search market. Local search marketing is vastly different from national search marketing. ELC understands this difference, does your webdesign company?

Is Your Website in the Top 10 for Your Websites Keywords?

If you are not in the top 10 results (1st page) on a search engine it is highly likely that you just lost a potential customer no matter if your company is national or just needing local search results. The Internet consistently out performs other marketing outlets with the highest ROI for marketing dollars. People searching for products and services are generally ready to make a purchasing decision. Correctly optimizing your website for search engines gives your business a competitive edge in the smaller pool of marketplace dollars.

Does Your Website Convert to Customers?

If your website has been optimized to be found in national and local search results does it convert visitors into customers? Websites need to give people reasons to choose them over the competition. If your website has a high bounce rate, you need to make your website stickier in order to reduce visitors bouncing back to the search engine. We can makeover your website to improver your conversion rate so your visitors convert to clients rather than bouncing away.

ELC is a boutique search engine marketing company. We prefer to work closely and develop a relationship with our clients in order to provide the best SEO internet marketing results possible for their business. We only take on a small number of clients to ensure quality results. SEO internet marketing requires attention to detail and we provide this by not rapidly turning over clients like many other SEO marketing companies do.  Our clients know that we care about their website internet marketing results.


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